5 Lessons From COVID-19 aka Coronavirus

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Welcome to this site and given what's going on around the world right now with the coronavirus pendemic situation, here are 5 lessons we can all relate to 


    As of end of last year, I went back home for Christmas and new year holiday along with my wife and we had been making plans for our 2020 holiday schedule, one of which was visiting Dublin, Ireland for my brother's wedding ceremony but in an instant all that changed when Coronavirus came along. Am certain, this is the case for most people who made plans for their new year resolutions along with holiday and business plans. All those plans that we have been putting aside for some time and when we are about to finally embark on it then this happens. When things change Don't panic and Be practical because problems are best addressed without fear in the picture.


    When things are beautiful and going well, we don't usually think about the times that things might go south but the irony is those are the times we should prepare for the rainy days

    Maya Angelou“You can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”― Maya Angelou

    We all know this because we are already familiar with the concepts of savings, pensions, retirement funds, etc. Even regarding our health, we know to be active, eat healthy and strengthen our body when we are still youthful not when we are sick or frail. People often think good times will last forever…until all of a sudden they don’t.and are caught off-guard. This is the circle of life. But of course, there will be great days again so have a plan and Be Proactive with what you’d do if you were faced with tough times again. For example, take steps to remain healthy, reduce overhead costs, and expand your social network. 


    If you look around at the moment, people are engaging in panic buying so much that a 37-years man was stabbed at a Woolworths store in Melbourne, Australia on the 17th of March 2020 among several other similar incidents. This is simply driven by fear so Remain humble  especially during tough times and don’t let fear go to your head. 


    The coronavius might have originated from one country which initially seems local and far away from all of us so most people probably only saw it as "its their problem, let them deal with it" but now its become everyone's problem. Its an human issue that could have been nipped in the butt if everyone worked together from the beginning. The coronavius does not discriminate by country, race, color, gender, age, etc. Now, each and everyone of us is affected one way or the other whether its our business, work life, family, travel, leisure so Lets Be accountable and look after our neighbors in anyway we can rather than turning a bling eye as their problem can quickly become our problem. We needless waste precious time and energy casting blame about "those people" "that country" "that continent", etc. Rather a better approach in moving forward would be to HELP if we have the resources and means. 


    As humans, often when we experience tragedies and disasters, we tend to reflect more on the value of life and the little things we have been taking for granted be it good relationships, good health, good opportunities, freedom, oxygen and even life itself. This is why when we loss someone very close, we often come to a state of sobriety where we are reminded about our temporary life in this world, our loved ones, how swiftly things can change in a instance and how much we take things for granted. For example, before the coronavirus pandemic there are  things that we wanted done that were easily doable, places that we wanted to go/travel that were easily reachable, people that we could have helped when we had the ability to help, so on and so forth. Now, things have changed and we only hoped that we get the opportunities again. Let this be a reminder not to wait until things go south to Appreciate life, our relationships, and all the little sweet things.

    Be safe out there, practice social distancing and self-quarantine where necessary to flattening the curve and stay optimistic that we will overcome this pandemic

    Please leave comment below on what lessons you have learnt from your corona-virus experience

    Thank you and God Bless

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