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Jenny Blake

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Pivot by Jenny Blake

Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One by Jenny Blake
In Pivot, Jenny Blake, co-creator of Google’s Career Guru Programme, shows you how to build upon your assets – your strengths, interests and networks – to launch a new career with meaning and adventure. You will learn how to redirect your energy, scan for opportunities and identify new skills without falling prey to ‘analysis paralysis’ or ‘compare and despair’.
No matter your age, industry, or bank balance, pivoting is the crucial skill you need to stay agile and keep you moving forward.
‘Feeling stuck? It’s time to try something new. All that stands between you and your next adventure is a bit of strategy, planning, and preparation. If a change is in your future, Pivot is your guide’ – Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours
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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Portfolio Penguin | Published: Sept 2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 288 | ISBN: 9780241975466


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