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Brunei.Q Reverse Puzzle (BND10,000)

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Brunei.Q Reverse Puzzle (BND10,000)

Brunei.Q Reverse Puzzle (BND10,000)

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Brunei.Q puzzle is specially designed and created for all ages so everyone can have a FUN and EXCITING experience. The "First Brunei Puzzle Book" is aimed to support the government incentive in promoting tourism in Brunei. The Brunei Q Puzzle is a 50-page book that features 15 varying puzzles, including Sudoku, Number Sequence and Word Column, related to places of interest, as well as the culture and natural heritage and other attractions in Brunei. In order to win, contestants need to trace the Borneo island map with all 49 puzzle pieces without any gap or overlapping. Draw the outline of each piece inside the map and fill up the 'Reverse Puzzle' registration form inside the Brunei.Q Puzzle book. The form must be sent directly to the inventor Michael Guan at the PHMD Publishing Company Office, Habza Building in Kg Kiulap before the closing date, January 16 2013. All entries received will only be opened on Jan 31, 2013, the day that the winner of the $10,000 prize will be announced. Since the publication was designed specifically for all ages, everyone can enjoy countless hours of solving the puzzles together.

1. About the Author(s): The book is published by PHMD Publishing, a local publishing company managed by Ak Mohd Khairi Pg Hj Metussin, the co-author of Business Icons. Michael Guan (inventor)

2. New or Used: New             3. Condition (1-5): 5/5

Public can get their 9 missing pieces from PHMD office in Kiulap. Those who has bought the initial 40 pieces will get the extra 9 pieces for FREE and those who hasn't bought will get them for $3 ONLY. Please show your 40 pieces in advance upon collection. ALL THE BEST! in cracking the $10,000 Reverse Puzzle.

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