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Longman AS Level Biology (Paperback)

Longman AS Level Biology is beautifully designed.. the standard of illustrations is mostly superb.. lt is unquestionably an excellent resource. Ensuring smooth progression from GCSE and success in AS and A2 Level Biology Written to meet the requirements of the new AS/A2 Level Biology specifications, these highly illustrated texts provide full coverage of the AQA/A specification and Edexcel (Option C). The AS text helps students bridge the gap between GCSE and AS Level, while the A2 text helps them progress successfully on to the synoptic section of the A2 course. *Attractive and easy to use- clear, full-colour page design, highlighted key points and accessbile language help less able students identify main concepts *Smooth progression and differentiation – each topic gets progressively more difficult and includes self-assessment questions with answers to help students monitor their development. 9780582429468

1. About the Author(s): Philip Bradfield, Judy Dodds and Norma Taylor. Synoptic questions are provided at the end of the A2 text to test a variety of topics and draw together AS and A2 Biology *Assessment and revision – summaries, key facts and definitions help students revise, while end-of-chapter questions for all abilities develop exam technique.Answers are provided to all the questions in the texts *Key skills – questions suitable for demonstrating Key Skills are highlighted Contents List AS Level Biology *Cells *Cell Membranes *Biological Molecules *Enzymes *DNA – structure and function *Cell Division *Reproduction in mammals *Reproduction in flowers *Gas exchange *Heart and blood vessels *Blood – structure and function *Transport in flowering plants *Heterotrophic nutrition *Ecosystems *Effects of humans on ecosystems *Gene technology *Human health and disease “Coverage of the modules is comprehensive and rigorous, with a clear emblem used to indicate the match between each chapter or sections within them, and the specifications.

2. New or Used: New                                 3. Condition (1-5): 5/5

Longman AS Level Biology



An investigative approach to Cambridge IGCSE Geography, written in partnership with the Geographical Association. * Encourage students to make links between case studies and their own local contexts as well as exploring the core themes and skills of the 0460 syllabus in the context of global case studies and processes. * Prepare for exam success with full coverage of the core themes of Paper 1 (Population and Settlement, The Natural Environment, Economic Development and the Use of Resources) as well as the geographical and fieldwork skills elements of Papers 2, 3 and 4. * Help students focus on achieving the best grades through summary boxes that indicate what is required at Grade C and how this can be taken further to reach Grades A/A* and excellent exam support for each Paper, with exam-style questions, answers at different levels and accompanying comments. * Be confident in the content and approach — this resource is written by highly experienced Geography teachers, consulted edited by a CIE Principal Examiner, and produced in partnership with the UK Geographical Association — the home of best practice in Geography teaching.

1. About the Author(s): John Belfield (Author), Jack Gillett (Author), Meg Gillett (Author), John Rutter (Author)

2. New or Used: New                         3. Condition (1-5): 5/5


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