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Islam: A Profound Insight (Paperback)

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Islam: A Profound Insight (Paperback)

Islam: A Profound Insight (Paperback)

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What makes this book unique?- This book: Islam A Profound Insight doesn't try to convince the reader with a subjective innocent or guilty interpretation of Islam, rather it allows for a real and deep look into the unknown facts, details, and structure of the religion and lifestyle as a whole. It describes how Muslims (1.5 billion today) think, what they believe in and how they see the world including other religions and peoples.- It presents Islam accurately as it is understood by traditional Islamic scholars, offering the reader a truly authentic, comprehensive, and deeper insight into Islam. The author himself has studied Islam for 17 years from more than 72 scholars at Al Azhar, the oldest academic institution in the Islamic world.- This book is approved by the inspection authority of Al Azhar in Egypt, representing one of the most widely-accepted religious authorizations.- With a unique design, containing over 140 color illustrations, the book is a real enjoyable work of art. 9789774490668

Islam A Profound Insight

Language: English Condition: New 5/5 Publisher: Ahmad Mahmoud Hemaya Published: October 2011 Format: Paperback Pages: 368 ISBN: 9789774490668

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  • About the Author(s)
    The author, Ahmad Mahmoud Hemaya, is presently the Shaikh of this mosque and he and his sister, Asma Hemaya, a real professional designer, have performed one of those unexpected and surprising miracles which help Islam doing a true jump forward in the mind of its readers, especially the younger ones. Ahmad M. Hemaya who is himself an Al-Azhar graduate, won a honorary doctor title in 2002 from Ireland for his book "The way of the true life". The correctness of the Islamic contents of the book here under review has been officially approved by the Al-Azhar University.