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88 LOVE LIFE 2 by Diana Rikasari

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88 LOVE LIFE 2 by Diana Rikasari


88 LOVE LIFE 2 by Diana Rikasari

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This illustrated book is a sequel to #88LOVELIFE Vol. 01
Consisting of 88 quotes and stories on love and life, this book offers a happy approach on overcoming sadness, failures, worries and changes in life--all written in a light and easy manner. Expect more good energy and more eye-pleasing illustrations that will brighten up your mind and day. The goal of this book? To make you smile.
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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Diana Rikasari | Published: January 2016 | Format: Hardcover | Pages: 95 | ISBN: 9789799109996

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  • About the Author(s)
    Diana Rikasari is one of the pioneers of fashion and lifestyle blogging in Indonesia. Since 2007, Diana has been sharing her quirky style and personality, making " quirky " her trademark and led her to become an influential person in the fashion industry. Apart from her outlook which often screams "girls-just-wanna-have-fun", Diana shares a very serious view on love and life; to seriously appreciate life and the people you love, and believe that good things happen if you believe.