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In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. – A New York Times bestseller for over a decade – Over 6.5 million copies sold in the U.S. – Translated into 40 languages worldwide -This book by don Miguel Ruiz, simple yet so powerful, has made a tremendous difference in how I think and act in every encounter.- — Oprah Winfrey -Don Miguel Ruiz’s book is a roadmap to enlightenment and freedom.- — Deepak Chopra, Author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success -An inspiring book with many great lessons.- — Wayne Dyer, Author, Real Magic -In the tradition of Castaneda, Ruiz distills essential Toltec wisdom, expressing with clarity and impeccability what it means for men and women to live as peaceful warriors in the modern world.- — Dan Millman, Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Format Paperback | 144 pages
Publisher Amber-Allen Publishing,U.S.
Language English
ISBN13 9781878424310


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Islam has set the perfect example of human conduct. Islam enjoins us to be compassionate to our children, good to our neighbours and kind to our servants. As Rasullullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam has said: Religion is good treatment to others.

This book touches on the treatment of maids and the guidelines on dealing with servants and maids in Islam.

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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Pusat Da’wah Islamiah | Published:  2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 68 | ISBN: 9789991762937


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And vie one with another for forgiveness from your Lord, and for a paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for those who ward off (evil). Those who spend (of that which Allah has given them) in ease and in adversity, those who control their wrath and are forgiving toward mankind; Allah loves the good).
Surah A-li ‘Imraan 3:133-134

This book teaches us the importance of forgiveness & two aspects – the seeking and the giving of forgiveness.


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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Pusat Da’wah Islamiah | Published:  2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 62 | ISBN: 9789991762883


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The bonds of kinship (silaturrahim) enjoys extraordinary importance in
Islam. In fact some scholars believe that silaturrahim prolongs life and reziq. Families are building blocks of a society; a happy and well-adjusted family member is also usually a productive member of the society.

In this book, Family – The Bond That Binds: The ’10 T’s’ Tips to a Happy Family tells you of the importance of family and tightening the bonds.

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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Pusat Da’wah Islamiah | Published: 2015 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 66 | ISBN: 9789991762791


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Recognizing the need for a publication that showcases Brunei business, and cognizant of the government’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship in the sultanate apart from the Oil & Gas industry, this coffee table book was released to shine the spotlight on local enterprises and decision-makers in the country’s business sector.
Entrepreneurship Rising: The Brunei Edition compiles stories from 51 Bruneian companies and business personalities. Each article tells the journey of a company or business personality, including their motivation, challenges, and goals.
Featuring: Brumee-Asli KTM. Enya Bijoux. Make A Book. Mangrove Paradise Resort. Marimin. NaForrer. Sparkly Domestic Divas. Sweet As Sara. Al-Huffaz. DotRoot. FirstBlood. Itsybytes. Nollybook. Snapfeed. SocialDeal.
Wu Chun. HjMorshidi. PgIsman. Lisa Ibrahim. Deno Goh. Dr Kamaruddin. Cahaya Gaharu. Ghanim. Ken&Tan. Madu Maanggaris. Sabli. Sahamada. Wira Bina.
Blue Oceanic. Brunei River Cruise. De Royalle. InfOmars. Regus Brunei. Zyrus. Tum Tum Cycles. Bajoo. Bruvera. Cube City. Cube Junction. Dee Jay. Euro Classic. Interhouse. Thomson Furniture.
Bintudoh Resort. Daikyo Recycling. Poni Divers. S&R Aquafarm. Sallima Recycling. SolarBrunei.com. SunweiTrading.
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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: CONFEX | Published: May 2017 | Format: Hardcover | Pages: 229


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Kenapa mujahadah itu pahit?

Kerana syurga itu manis.

Ceritanya bermula begini…

Ini kisah seorang gadis yang mahu mengenal Tuhan. Ibarat diari, dia mencoret tentang percintaan, persahabatan, perubahan diri dan segala macam rasa yang dia lalui.

Ada suka dan duka. Ada masam dan manis. Ada masam dan tawar. Ehhh…macam-macam ada.

Bercampur perasaannya. Selayaknya menari di dalam hujan. Dance in the rain.

Dia ingin sekali berkongsi hakikat perjalanan seorang hamba, sebelum kembali bertemu-Nya


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We are the vessels of our dreams, our ideas and yet where do our ideas come from?

Is it simply a mesh of neurons blasting out until a printout comes out?
Do we even own these ‘ideas’ that we claim to originate from us?
How do we ensure that we continue to both learn and project new ideas?
Do we immerse ourselves in an inspirational environment?
Eat healthy supplements?
Perhaps dress-up and speak eloquently with a posh accent?

Why do we bother to come up with something different, when in our current ‘environment’ it may be safe to simply linger in the shadows waiting…like everyone else, who happens to be waiting for you?

The keyword here is………. ‘brain atrophy’.

How do you stop this brain atrophy?

Did you know that when you shine, you give others permission to do so themselves?

Dr. Aammton Alias shares his personal experiences and odd non-linear stories to help you find the answers to these urgent questions.


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Ribuan pengalaman Ustaz Ebit Lew sepanjang perjalanan dakwahnya sejak berusia 13 tahun. Pelbagai jenis manusia yang telah ditemuinya.

Masing-masing mengeluh dan menangis ingin keluar dari kegelapan dan kesempitan hidup.

Ada yang mahu mengambil nyawa sendiri kerana sudah berputus asa.

Kita lupakan jutaan nikmat yang Allah beri sedangkan setiap detik waktu ini adalah amanah dari-Nya.


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Jeanne Marie Laskas first met the young forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu in 2009, while reporting a story for GQ—a story that would go on to inspire the major motion picture Concussion. Omalu told her about a day in September 2002, where, in a dingy morgue in downtown Pittsburgh, he picked up a scalpel and made a discovery that would rattle America in ways he’d never intended. Omalu was new to America, chasing the dream, a deeply spiritual man escaping the wounds of civil war in Nigeria. The body on the slab in front of him belonged to a fifty-year-old named Mike Webster, aka “Iron Mike,” a Hall of Fame center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the greatest ever to play the game. After retiring in 1990, Webster had suffered a dizzyingly steep decline. Toward the end of his life, he was living out of his van, tasering himself to relieve his chronic pain, and fixing his rotting teeth with Super Glue. How did this happen?, Omalu asked himself. How did a young man like Mike Webster end up like this? The search for answers would change Omalu’s life forever and put him in the crosshairs of one of the most powerful corporations in America: the National Football League. What Omalu discovered in Mike Webster’s brain—proof that Iron Mike’s mental deterioration was no accident but a disease caused by relentless blows to the head that could affect everyone playing the game—was the one truth the NFL would do anything to keep secret.

Taut, gripping, and gorgeously told, Concussion is the stirring true story of one unlikely man’s courageous decision to stand up to a multibillion-dollar colossus bent on silencing him, and to tell the world the truth.


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Financial planning is trully an exciting process that can help provide you with the confidence that your future will be more secure. The initial step in this rewarding process is the investment of time to educate yourself. The authors are certain that this book will serve as an invaluable tool as you make complex financial and personal decisions regarding budgeting, insurance, investments, taxes, estate and retirement planning.
Financial Sutra for Malaysians is suitable for virtually everyone because it contains chapters devoted to principles of financial planning, strategies applicable to Malaysians when they are starting out in their careers, middle-aged, and at pre-retirement. Not only is it presented in a concise and easy to understand format, it also presents comprehensive case studies which further enhance ease of use to both the layman and the practitioner.



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A good boss leads their team. A superboss builds an army of new leaders. Which would you rather be?

What do tecUology CEO Larry Ellison, American football coach Bill Walsh and fashion pioneer Ralph Lauren have in common? A shared approach to finding, nurturing and even letting go of great people. The way they deal with talent makes them more than success stories and organization builders. They are superbosses.

After ten years of research and more than two hundred interviews, Sydney Finkelstein reveals how great leaders identify promising newcomers and inspire them to do their best work – while building stronger companies. And he shows how each of us can create our own networks of extraordinary talent.


Edition Language: English

Format: Paper Back


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The authoritative biography of Prince Harry by noted royal family biographer Penny Junor, author of Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King and The Firm: The Troubled Life of the House of Windsor.  Prince Harry, one of the most popular members of the British royal family, has had a colorful life. After losing his mother at 12 years old, he spent his teenage years making questionable choices under intense international media scrutiny, becoming known for his mischevious grin, shock of red hair, and the occassional not-so-royal indiscretion. As he’s grown, he has distinguished himself through military service, flying helicopters for the RAF. He served in Afghanistan and continues to devote himself to his military career. He also follows in his mother’s footsteps with charity work–he is the founder of Sentebale, a charity to help orphans in Lesotho, and works with many other charitable organziations to help young people in society and to conserve natural resources. As he reaches his thirtieth birthday, Prince Harry is proving himself a prince of the people.

With unprecedented access to the most important figures in his life, Penny Junor is able get the truth about who this mercurial and fascinating royal son really is. A modern biography of a modern prince, this book offers an insider’s look at the life of the man who is fourth in line to Britain’s throne.

Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: PENNY JUNOR | Published: September 9th 2014 | Format: HARDCOVER | Pages: 368 PAGES | ISBN: 9781455549832


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The Essential guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big. Million Dollar Women will teach you the concepts, the lexicon, and the steps for taking a business big. It shows you how to network, when to delegate, and when to get extra coaching. Above all, it provides help for overcoming the kind of emotional hurdles you have to jump to join the million dollar-plus business owners—and cheers you on in overcoming every obstacle. With her friendly, pragmatic advice, humor, and an appendix of exercises to take your ideas from theory to practice, Julia Pimsleur’s book is an invaluable reference.



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Zarif is intelligent  little boy who learns to appreciate the wonderful gifts of The Most Merciful and Most Loving Rabb,Allah. His family, food, body as well as his good friends are among the countless favours of Allah no one can give.

Come think with Zarif. Think of the Love and Mercy of Allah and be thankful in heart and mind. Be Allah’s little abd who loves and obeys Allah. Allah will love you.


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Mengerjakan ibadah haji memerlukan kita berfikir dan bertindak mengikut arahan. Bagi orang yang berfikir dan berusaha menghayati ibadah ini sepenuh hati dan perasaan, mereka pastinya melalui dimensi kehidupan yang berbeza.

Apabila kita menyelami segala aturannya dengan bersungguh-sungguh. kita bertemu dengan mutiara-mutiara yang indah dan mahal harganya. oleh sebab rahsia yang tersirat ini tidak diteroka, akhirnya mutiara-mutiara itu tetap tersimpan dan terus menjadi misteri. Buku ini memberi jawapannya dalam pencarian haji yang mabrur.

Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: Malay | Publisher: Mohamad Zaki Abdul Halim  | Published: 2016 | Format: Paperback | ISBN: 9789830973357


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Buku ini paling sedikitnya membahas mengenai betapa perlunya ibu bapa itu disayangi, dihormati dan dipeduli hal ehwal kehidupannya, kerana kalau bukan mereka tiadalah kita di dunia ini. Pemedulian kita bukan sahaja ketika mereka masih hidup, tetapi juga sesudah mereka tiada lagi di dunia ini. Orang tua atau ibu bapa merupakan segalanya bagi si anak. Oleh kerana itu, sementara mereka masih bernafas, sayangilah mereka.

Menyayangi atau berbakti kepada orang tua atau ibu bapa merupakan ajaran terpenting dalam Islam setelah perintah menyembah Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Sebaliknya durhaka kepada orang tua merupakan dosa besar selepas berbuat syirik kepada Allah. Demikian juga, kederhakaan anak kepada orang tua boleh membawa anak kepada kegagalan dan kesengsaraan hidup.


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Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish’s down-to-earth, respectful approach to parenting has improved the lives of countless families throughout the world. Now, the authors’ wisdom and advice are collected in this concise new edition of How to Be the Parent You Always Wanted to Be—an essential workbook and audio guide to their widely embraced and empowering methods of parenting—uniquely designed for busy parents on the go. Faber and Mazlish address the struggles parents face every day. By listening to this recording and doing the workbook exercises, you’ll learn how to:

• Deal with your children’s strong emotions

• Set firm limits and still maintain goodwill

• Express your angry feelings without being hurtful

• Engage your children’s cooperation

• Resolve family conflicts peacefully

Loaded with real-life stories, delightful cartoons, and answers to commonly asked questions, this new multimedia edition demonstrates simple, proven skills that can make relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding.


Edition Language: English

Format: Paperback


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Kris Karmila adalah seorang penulis wanita Brunei Darussalam yang proaktif dalam bidang penulisan puisi dan lirik (lagu-lagu puisi). Dia merupakan pendeklamator yang sangat aktif mendeklamasikan puisi baik di dalam negeri atau di luar negeri. Kris Karmila seorang yang gigih dalam memajukan dirinya khusus dalam bidang yang diceburinya pada masa ini dan boleh melangkah lebih jauh lagi untuk mengangkat prestasi penulisan yang cemerlang.



Penerbit: Yayasan Panggung Melayu

Penulis: Kris Karmila

Format cetakan: Kulit tebal

Cetakan ketiga, Julai 2016.


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The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health. Made up of supernutrients from leafy greens and fruits, green smoothies are filling and healthy and you will enjoy drinking them. Your body will also thank you for drinking them as your health and energy improve to levels you never thought possible. In ten days, you can expect to lose weight, reduce cravings, clear your mind, and improve digestion. It is an experience that could change your life if you stick with it!

This book provides a shopping list, recipes, and detailed instructions for the 10-day cleanse, along with suggestions for getting the best results. It also offers advice on how to continue to lose weight and maintain good health afterwards.

Are you ready to look slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years? Then get ready to begin the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse!

If you successfully complete the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, you will…

– Lose 10‒15 pounds in 10 days
– Get rid of stubborn body fat, including belly fat
– Drop pounds and inches fast, without grueling workouts
– Learn to live a healthier lifestyle of detoxing and healthy eating
– Help your body naturally crave healthy foods so you never have to diet again
– Receive over 100 green smoothie recipes for various health conditions and goals

Edition Language: English

Format: Paperback


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Me: Was I premature? Mum: Yes, you were a week early. Dad: I’m still not ready for you . . . When I began writing this book, I went home to find what my mum might have kept some of my old stuff. What I found was that she hadn’t kept some of it. She had kept all of it– every bus ticket, postcard, school report – from the moment I was born to the moment I finally had the confidence to turn round and say, ‘Why is our house full of this shit?’ Sadly, a recycling ‘incident’ destroyed the bulk of this archive. This has meant two things: firstly, Dear Reader, you will never get to see countless drawings of wizards, read a poem about corn on the cob, or marvel at the kilos of brown flowers I so lovingly pressed as a child. Secondly, it’s left me with no choice but to actually write this thing myself. This, my first ever book, will answer questions such as ‘Is Mary Berry real?’, ‘Is it true you wear a surgical truss?’ and ‘Is a non-spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe?’ Most of this book is true. I have, of course, amplified my more positive characteristics in an effort to make you like me. Thank you for reading.



Edition Language: English

Format: Paperback


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The Positivity Kit  is Designed to deliver joy, comfort , and smiles whenever you need them. Brimming with surprising and fun prompts that focus on the little things that make us smile, this unique journal is guaranteed to cheer up even the grumpiest person on the gloomiest day.

make a GRATEFUL list
compile the PERFECT list
Draw yourself a TATTOO ( on paper)
list TWENTY-THREE great ways to spend free hour
write a THANK-YOU note to a stranger

Grab a PENCIL and get HAPPY!

Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: LISA CURRIE | Published: 7th June 2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 192 | ISBN: 9780399175978


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The Real Me by Vicky Pattison

The Real Me is packed with recipes, fashion and beauty tips, training programmes and straight-talking advice on dealing with everything from job interviews to first dates. This is the ultimate guide to living life to the full, the Vicky Pattison way.
I believe in grafting hard, training right, eating well . . . and having a good time!
I’m finally proud of myself and happy with who I am inside and out, and I want every woman in the world to feel like that too.
Vicky x

Vicky Pattison knows that achieving your dreams takes hard work, hustle, a sense of humour and a killer outfit. And now she’s sharing her insider secrets for the first time: how to dress for success, how to eat well and keep healthy on the go and how to stay true to yourself when the going gets tough.

But Vicky wouldn’t be Vicky if she didn’t also know how to cut loose and have fun. The Real Me has everything you and your squad need for an epic night out or the ultimate girls’ night in. And for the morning after, there’s honest and hilarious advice on curing a hangover . . . and a broken heart.

Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Vicky Pattison | Published: 28 Jul 2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 224 | ISBN: 9780751565492


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P.H. Mohammad Abd. Rahman, penerima anugerah SEA Write Award 2008 menghasilkan 25 buah puisi berunsur Islam beserta intisarinya yang termuat dalam ‘Puisi dan Intisari’ yang terhasil dari pengamatan terhadap alam sekeliling, cinta kepada Tuhan yang Maha Esa, cinta kepada Junjungan kita Rasulullah Salallahu ‘alaihi Wassalam, semangat patriotik, isu-isu kemasyarakatan, sosial dan akhlak, serta berbagai pengalaman suka duka dalam kehidupan.
Other Books from this Author
Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: Malay | Publisher: PDI | Published: 2014 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 128 | ISBN: 9789991762395


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