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Vampire War Trilogy (Saga of Darren Shan)

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Vampire War Trilogy (Saga of Darren Shan)


Vampire War Trilogy (Saga of Darren Shan)

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The nightmare continues! Vampire War Trilogy comprising: Hunters of the Dusk, Allies of the Night and Killers of the Dawn. Join Darren Shan's descent into the darkness. HUNTERS OF THE DUSK Darren Shan leaves Vampire Mountain on a life or death mission. Darren scours the world in search of the Vampaneze Lord, bu the road ahead is lined with the bodies of the damned. ALLIES OF THE NIGHT Darren Shan faces his worst nightmare yet -- school! But bodies are piling up and the past is catching up with the hunters fast! KILLERS OF THE DAWN Darren Shan becomes public enemy Number One. As the vampires prepare for deadly confrontation, is this the end for Darren and his allies?

1. About the Author(s): Darren Shan is the number-one best-selling author of the twelve book series THE SAGA OF DARREN SHAN, and more recently the DEMONATA series. His books have been read by millions of people around the world and translated into more than 25 languages. Darren lives in seclusion in the depths of Ireland. He is a big film buff, and also loves theatre, comics and books, and collecting art. He loves dreaming up new ways to terrify his readers, but never drinks blood. Or so he claims.

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