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Temptation by R.L. Stine

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Temptation by R.L. Stine

Temptation by R.L. Stine

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In this Temptation collection of three fan-favorite stories (Goodnight Kiss, Goodnight Kiss 2 and The Vampire Club), the vampires of Sandy Hollow crave the summer months. Summer means plenty of beach tourists…and plenty of fresh blood after months of deprivation. But this year the Eternal Ones have decided to spice things up with a little bet: The first to seduce a hot date of the human variety, and then turn him into a fellow creature of the night, wins.       The catch? In order to successfully turn their prey, they must take only three small sips of blood on three different nights. If they take too much blood on any night, the human will die and the bet will be lost.       The setup sounds simple enough, but things quickly get complicated—especially since each vampire is just dying to quench her thirst... 9781442450684

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  • Additional Description
    Language: English | Condition: New 5/5 | Publisher: SIMON & SCHUSTER | Published: August 2012 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 407 | ISBN: 9781442450684
  • About the Author(s)
    Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. L. Stine and Jovial Bob Stine, is an American novelist and writer, well known for targeting younger audiences. Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children's literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series. R. L. Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children's author in history. In the early 1990s, Stine was catapulted to fame when he wrote the unprecedented, bestselling Goosebumps® series, which sold more than 250 million copies and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon. His other major series, Fear Street, has over 80 million copies sold. Stine has received numerous awards of recognition, including several Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids' Choice Awards, and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the NEA's Read Across America program. He lives in New York, NY.
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