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Sweep: Volume 4 (Seeker, Origins, and Eclipse)

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Sweep: Volume 4 (Seeker, Origins, and Eclipse)

Sweep: Volume 4 (Seeker, Origins, and Eclipse)

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The fourth Sweep collection Morgan Rowlands had thought her foes were defeated, but demons from the past still haunt her and her beloved, Hunter. Their magick is strong, but the darkness that torments them threatens to overwhelm even their love. Yet there is another, whose magick could save, or could destroy. And caught in the middle of the darkness and light, Morgan realizes that only together can they face the danger that threatens to destroy not just her soul mate, but everything and everyone she loves. For the dark wave is coming . . . and it is unstoppable. This volume includes: Book 10 - Seeker Book 11 - Origins  Book 12 - Eclipse 9780142420102

1. About the Author(s): Cate Tiernan was born in New Orleans, LA, in 1961. New Orleans is one of the most interesting American cities, and it has an incredibly rich and exotic culture that had a profound influence on me. Kids in other cities have lemonade stands; we sold voodoo gris-gris and made wax dolls in the likenesses of our enemies. It's a very beautiful city, and the constant heat and humidity make gardens grow out of control. There's an air of lassitude there, a general acceptance of eccentic or flamboyant behavior--the heat simply makes people do crazy things.

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