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Love and Marriage (Paperback)

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Love and Marriage (Paperback)

Love and Marriage (Paperback)

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A wry, on-target look at the institutions of love and marriage recalls with humor first crushes, first dates, and first kisses, and explores the foibles of both modern and postmodern love

1. About the Author(s): The legendary comedian, author, and activist Bill Cosby continues to be as prolific and relevant as ever, reaching every generation and every audience since he began his career in stand-up four decades ago. He is one of the most influential performers of the second half of the 20th century. He has had an unparalleled career in television; has sold more record albums than any other comedian; his blockbuster books have sold millions of copies; and his generous support of numerous charities, particularly in the field of education, have endowed many Americans with the gift of hope and learning. In the 1980s, Cosby returned to television with a show that Coretta Scott King described as "the most positive portrayal of black family life that has ever been broadcast." "The Cosby Show" enjoyed years of number-one ratings and nearly unanimous critical praise.

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