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The first in a 12-title series, The Crash Course for Entrepreneurs, which coaches prospective and new entrepreneurs in starting a business. Many novice entrepreneurs have little more than a brilliant idea and a pocketful of ambition. They want to know Now what? This book tells you exactly what you must know, in simple terms, using real-world examples. In a two-hour read, it walks you through each phase of planning and developing your own business and gives seasoned advice in a reader-friendly way. Learn how to decide if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to test your idea’s worth, what to do after you confirm your idea is brilliant, how to develop your business plan, what else to do before you start your business, how to get financing from banks and elsewhere, how to develop a brand and logo, what legal and tax issues you need to consider, and how to avoid the most common entrepreneurial mistakes. Find out what other critical resources, processes and practices will help ensure your success. Whether your dream business is dog walking or high-tech invention, home-based or web-based, these serial entrepreneurs will save you time and trouble as you set up and run your new company. 9789077256367
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Dear Mr Buffett: What An Investor Learns Miles From Wall Street

Dear Mr Buffett is an excellent read, loaded with information about the goings-on in the financial sector, laced with wit and when it comments on leading actors in the dramA. Janet Tavakoli takes you into the world of Warren Buffett by way of the recent mortgage meltdown. In correspondence and discussion with him over 2 years, they both saw the writing on the wall, made clear by the implosion of Bear Stearns. Tavakoli, in clear and engaging prose, explains how the credit mess happened beginning with the mortgage lending Ponzi schemes funded by investment banks, the Fed bailout and its impact on the dollar. Through her narrative, we hear from Warren Buffett and learn how his enduring principles caused him to see the mess that was coming well in advance and kept him and his investors well out of the way. Tavakoli tugs vigorously at the seemingly disparate threads of the current financial crisis, naming names, citing cases and leaving no schmuck — whether investment bank, credit rating agency, monoline insurer, mortgage brokers, regulators and their ilk — unspared. Based on more than 20 years in the derivatives arena, and having served time at Salomon Bros, Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs, she knows that of what and who she speaks. Should anyone ever display the slightest interest in criminalizing the criminals who led us down this path, a prosecutor could do worse than ordering up copies for the grand jury. 9780470632420

1. About the Author(s): Janet M. Tavakoli is the Founder President of Tavakoli Structured Finance, a consulting firm to financial institutions, institutional investors, and hedge funds. She is frequently quoted in the business press, including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times, and was noted as “The Cassandra of Credit Derivatives” by BusinessWeek, identifying the impending crisis years before others. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, CBS Evening News, Bloomberg TV, First Business Morning News, Fox News, Fox Business News, ABC, BBC, and 60 Minutes. Ms. Tavakoli is the author of several professional finance volumes, and was an adjunct associate professor at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, where she taught derivatives.

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Dear Mr Buffett: What An Investor Learns 1,269 Miles From Wall Streetdr-mr-buffett



Get Into Gold: How to Invest in Gold Profitably While Avoiding the Traps will show you: Why the price of gold is rising, Why you should invest in gold now, A short history of gold, The advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold, 6 questions to ask yourself before making any investment, The 3 main choices of gold, How to buy gold and where to keep them, What to avoid, Fun facts on gold, etc. The price of gold has been rising steadily since 2001. In fact, the price has stayed above the $1,000 mark in the last few months. This is the first time in history that has happened. So, something really big is happening. What’s more important here is that there’s an opportunity for you to make money- right here and now. 9789675428357

1. About the Author(s): Azizi Ali is Malaysia’s #1 writer, speaker and coach on money matters. His first book Millionaires are From a Different Planet literally changed the publishing scene in Malaysia. It has sold over 100,000 copies and started the trend for financial books and seminars in the country. Since then, Azizi has written over 30 books on the subject of money and wealth creation. The titles include the best-sellers How to Become a Property Millionaire, The Millionaire in Me, Retire RICH and Get Rich Faster. His latest book is entitled Money Changes Everything. Azizi is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and holds an MBA from University of Bath, UK.

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Get into Gold by Azizi Ali


Written to the AQA syllabus, this essential book contains clear explanations, worked examples, chapter summaries and answers to selected questions. It is supported by free online resources including multiple choice quizzes.

1. About the Author(s): David Cox

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This book contains 100 great leaderships ideas, researched from companies and organisations around the world. Each idea is described in some detail. You are then shown how to apply that idea in your own company or work situation. A simple formula which could potentially lead to rich rewards.

1. About the Author(s): Jonathan Gifford is a writer and marketing consultant. He is the author of History Lessons (Marshall Cavendish, 2010) and was previously the publisher of the BBC s History Magazine.

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If you are a manager in today s business environment, demonstrating that you have leadership skills is essential to success. But what does it take to become an effective and influential business manager and leader? There are no sure-fire ways, but you can take inspiration and advice from various leaders who have been successful already.


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