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World Cups and Saucers

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World Cups and Saucers

World Cups and Saucers

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An Extremely old man goes to the bathroom and takes up sports watching.

Among all sedentary earthling species, the Sports Watcher is recognisable by his brilliance of perception and his astounding depth of knowledge.

He is also very good at sitting around and knowing exactly what he is sitting around waiting for.


These don't come often and there are very long waits in between but, when one arrives, the universe makes sense at last. It leads to immediate understanding of the Graeco-Roman Big Bang Theory and the Laws of Thermo-Football.

This is the story of a very, very old Watcher - Nostradamus Sporticus, Lord of the Sofa and Holder of Great Remote.

It begins in the crackling days of watching by transatlantic listening machines and spans the last sixty or so years, from the Flickering Era of the 12' Black-and-white Cracklebox to the Age of the 200" All-Night 4D Plasma Flick. It travels across the planet from continent to continent

A journey to Inner Space.

World Cups and Saucers

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Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: BRUNEI PRESS | Published: 2012 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 160 | ISBN: 9991732365

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  • About the Author
    Tavita originated in All Half-Wales. "Mae hen wlad fyn nhadau," he mutters. It's the only All Half-Weish he knows. His Grandpa taught him a long time ago and said it would help in times like those. It didn't He left and become a Cambridge University "Footlights" scriptwriter. Then he become an Olympic panel Athletics Coach in kenya. after that, he became a Senior Football Coach and sports writer in New Zealand. Next, he became a Rugby Union Secretary , Rugby League Treasurer, Track and Field Director, Radio Commentator, newspaper editor, sports reporter and award-winning short story writer in the cook Islands where he become a permanent resident. Finally, he became permanently old. His sports writing has appeared in leadinf magazines and newspapers on four continents. His work is now in Brunei Darussalam where he writes a weekly sports column for the Borneo Bulletin. He has about eighteen grandchildren to his knowledge and mutters in a variety of family languages, native to anywhere from Milton Keynes to Auckland... from Borneo to Raro and several points beyond. The family members taught him. They said it would help in times like these. It sometimes does.