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The Rakis Poems (Syair Rakis)

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The Rakis Poems (Syair Rakis)

The Rakis Poems (Syair Rakis)

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This Rakis Poems(Syair Rakis) is the work of Pengiran Shahbandar Md Salleh a member of the royal family, who lived between the end of the 18th to 19th Centuries. His father was Pengiran Sharmayuda ibnu Pengiran Indera Mahkato ibnu Pengiran Abdul Rahman ibnu Pengiran Temanggong Dakalu ibnu Sultan Abdul Mubin (Sultan Brunei XIII)

He was one of the member of the Royal Family who had been educated. According to an account of his life, he was educated in Betawi(Jakarta), and, according to another account he was sent for further education to the Netherlands. Although the account of his life history was obtained from stories recounted by elders and handed down by word of mouth, nevertheless, in view of the contents of his composition, it is obvious that he was an educated person with broad visions and courageous in expressing his frank opinions and ideas concerning Brunei by using his pen.

The original text of this Syair was read, not only by Sultan Abdul Momin, but was copied by state dignitaries and members of the public as special reading material at this time. Even though the contents of the Syair consisted only of untai and rangkapan, nevertheless, the arrangements of words were such that they were able to influence the spirit of the people. it could be said that, at that time, the wording of the Syair was adopted in making references to specific problems.

In recognition of the wisdom of Pengiran Indera Mahkota Pengiran Md Salleh (before he was conferred the title "Pengiran Shahbandar'), Sultan Abdul Momin conferred the title "Pengiran Shahbandar" on him and the views he had expressed in the Syair were brought to meetings of state dignitaries for discussions.

It could be said that all the state dignitaries favourably received the recommendations submitted by Pengiran Shahbandar in the Syair Rakis especially his proposal concerning the establishment of schools and with regards to the administration of Brunei at the time.

The comments set out here are rough outlines. To understand futher, I leave it to the wise reader to carry out futher studies, until the words of wisdom conveyed in the composition of the writer can be clearly understood. However, it cannort be denied that this Syair is extraordinary - the more one reads it the more it attracts attention and, if one were to reread it, the deeper one's understanding of it.

The Rakis Poems (Syair Rakis)

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Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Ousat Sejarah Brunei | Published: 2013 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 110 | ISBN: 9789991763026

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