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Just Another Kid by Torey L. Hayden

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Just Another Kid by Torey L. Hayden

Just Another Kid by Torey L. Hayden

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Just Another Kid is not just another book. This remarkable teacher's memoir reminds us that love takes many forms. Just Another Kid is an enchanting, inspiring book...impossible to put down. Torey Hayden faced six emotionally troubled kids no other teacher could handle-three recent arrivals from battletorn Northern Ireland, badly traumatized by the horrors of war; eleven-year-old Dirkie, who only knew of life inside an institution; excitable Mariana, aggressive and sexually precocious at the age of eight; and seven-year-old Leslie, perhaps the most hopeless of all, unresponsive and unable to speak.With compassion, rare insight, and masterful storytelling, teacher Torey L. Hayden once again touches our hearts with her account of the miracles that can happen in her class of "special" children.
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  • About the Author(s)
    Born in Montana, USA, Torey Hayden has spent most of her adult life working with children in distress. Now living in Great Britain, she divides her time between writing and volunteer work with several British charities. Torey is author of numerous internationally best-selling books about her experiences as a special education teacher and therapist. She has also written two novels and two children's books. Find her at www.torey-hayden.com
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