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Hijab Street Style By Dian Pelangi

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Hijab Street Style By Dian Pelangi


Hijab Street Style By Dian Pelangi

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Hijab Street Style is Dian Pelangi's first book. This book that is inspired by "the Sartarialist" is comprised of 583 full color pages and inside, you will find over 700 styles of Muslimah/Muslim from various cities in Indonesia and even other countries in Southeast Asia. Match with the title, all the models that featured in this nook are not models that are set for a photoshoot but impromptu models from various backgrounds that Dian met when she filled the talkshow and fashion show event. This makes each style unique and realistic for everyday Muslimah/Muslim for different occasions. Sebuah buku tentang gaya berhijab sehari-hari para muslimah di kota-kota besar di Indonesia, Singapura, Malaysia, dan Thailand. Para muslimah di Indonesia maupun di seluruh dunia insya Allah bisa terinspirasi dari buku yang memperlihatkan inspiratif dari ± 600 muslimah yang berasal dari berbagai kalangan ini. 9789792286939

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Old Price: $40.00

Price: $20.00

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  • Additional Description
    Language: Indonesian Malay | Condition: New 5/5 | Publisher: | Published: | Format: Paperback | Pages: 590 | ISBN: 9789792286939
  • About the Author(s)
    Dian Pelangi is a new and exciting design talent that is pushing the boundaries of contemporary muslim wear through her fusion of traditional dress and street style. Her huge following of loyal fans, amassed in such a short time frame, is a testimony to her ever growing influence—an influence that has the potential to reach far outside of her own market place and start impacting on the wider global fashion scene. More Books from this Author