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Mini Cakes: Gorgeous Little Cakes, Bakes and Cake Pops

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Mini Cakes: Gorgeous Little Cakes, Bakes and Cake Pops

Mini Cakes: Gorgeous Little Cakes, Bakes and Cake Pops

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Mini Cakes is an Easy to follow recipes for mini versions of all your favorite cakes. From classic mini carrot cake to a fabulous mini wedding cake including mini brownies bundt cakes cupcakes muffins and cake pops Other Mini delight titles also available Cupcakes Macaroons Mini Pies Whoopie Pies. Bite-sized cakes are perfect for parties, gatherings, and anyone looking for just a little bit of sweets! Featuring everything from bite-sized cupcakes, individual celebration cakes, and the newest trend, cake pops, this baking book includes easy-to-follow instructions and a picture for every recipe, making it a wonderful guide for bakers of all experience levels. 9781445444475

Mini Cakesmini-cakes-mini-delights-9781445444475

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    Language: English | Condition: New 5/5 | Publisher: Parragon Book | Published: September 2011 | Format: Hardcover | Pages: 80 | ISBN: 9781445444475
  • About to Author(s)
    Joanna Farrow trained as a home economist and has worked as a freelance writer for several food magazines including BBC Good Food Magazine. Joanna has written a diverse range of cookery books, from 30 Minute Vegetarian to Simply Cadbury s Chocolate and also styles food for book, magazine and advertising photography. Parragon is the largest illustrated non-fiction publisher in the world. For more than twenty years they have made enriching and entertaining content accessible to readers all around the globe. The book world is changing. As an industry leader, they continue to provide innovative multi-platform content and impeccable service to retailers and consumers.