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Lament of the Lamb, Volume 1 (Lament of the Lamb #1)

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Lament of the Lamb, Volume 1 (Lament of the Lamb #1)

Lament of the Lamb, Volume 1 (Lament of the Lamb #1)

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Lament of the Lamb is a haunting and atmospheric manga by Kei Toume, one of Japan's hottest manga artists. With this first volume of an unusual vampire series, Tokyopop has brought Kei Toume's work and artistry to the North American audience. Kazuna Takashiro is a young high school student who is haunted by a mysterious past, and the secrets of the family who left him behind. Now, his long-lost sister has returned, just at the time when Kazuna discovers that he too bears the curse of the Takashiro clan, and only his sister can help him. For the Takashiros . . . are vampires. Kazuna Takashiro can't escape the pain of his past. Ever since his mother died, nightmares and visions have been eating away at him. When he finds his long-lost sister, Chizuna, the two discover they share more than just a family name. The siblings are cursed with a disease of the blood -- a disease that will turn them into vampires! As they resist accepting their destiny, Kazuna and Chizuna struggle to contain the craving that is the very essence of what they will become ... 1591828147 9781591828143

1. About the Author(s): Kei Toume studied at the Tama Art University in Tokyo. Her first manga, Rokujō gekijō, was published in Comic Burger magazine in 1992. The manga won her the Shiki prize in a contest held by Kodansha in 1993. A year later, her follow-up manga Mannequin also won a prize. She started the series Lament of the Lamb in Comic Burger in 1996. This series ran for six years and was adapted into a radio play, an anime and a live action film. In 1999, she began Sing Yesterday For Me, a manga inspired by a song of the Japanese rock group RC Succession. In addition, Toume contributes to a lot of fanzines and specialized magazines, and is also active in video games and films.
Her manga Kurogane and Lament of the Lamb have been translated into English.

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Lament of the Lamb, Volume 1

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