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“Wah, comelnya anak-anak tikus belanda ini! Terima kasih ibu,” ucapnya.

Rabiatul yang menyambut hari lahir ke-12 tahun, dihadiahi dua ekor anak tikus belanda comel oleh keluarganya. Dia menamakan haiwan kesayangannya itu, Cece dan Lulu. Apa yang terjadi kepada haiwan peliharaannya itu setelah mereka membesar? Tentunya banyak kisah menarik sepanjang Rabiatul membesarkan Cece dan Lulu yang pastinya mencuit hati dan dapat memberikan pengajaran kepada adik-adik.

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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: Malay | Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka | Published: 2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 26 | ISBN: 9789991767536


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Nikki and her friends Brandon, Chloe, and Zoey are teamed up on an important mission in the tenth book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series.

Nikki has to hide seven ADORKABLE puppies from two parents, one nosy little sister, an entire middle school, and…one mean girl out for revenge, Mackenzie Hollister. If anyone can do it, it’s Nikki…but not without some hilarious challenges along the way!


Edition Language: English

Format: Hard Cover


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After You (Me Before You 2) by Jojo Moyes

Lou Clark has lots of questions. Like how it is she’s ended up working in an airport bar, spending every shift watching other people jet off to new places. Or why the flat she’s owned for a year still doesn’t feel like home.
Whether her close-knit family can forgive her for what she did eighteen months ago.
And will she ever get over the love of her life.
What Lou does know for certain is that something has to change.
Then, one night, it does.
But does the stranger on her doorstep hold the answers Lou is searching for – or just more questions?
Close the door and life continues: simple, ordered, safe.
Open it and she risks everything.
But Lou once made a promise to live. And if she’s going to keep it, she has to invite them in . . .
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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Penguin | Published: June 2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 409 | ISBN: 9781405909075



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This Book NEW ERA TOPICAL MASTERY – PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTS (YEAR 9) is specially prepared to provide students with on-in-depth knowledge of various topics taught in this subject. It is designed and presented in accordance with the latest GCE ‘o’ Level – Principles Of Accounts Syllabus (7110) issued by the University Of Cambridge International Examination board. This book is also suitable for use with IGCSE Accounting Syllabus (0452)

Feature of this book Include:

“special matter of each topic is well classified under headings and main points to make learning more simple and effective”

“Specially designed for individual self-study and reference, i.e. A concept map is constructed to help students revise with ease and confidence.

“specially highlights and attention is drawn to important words phases with a bold type face. In each topic provides students with either brief definitions or explanations to some of the terms introduced.

“Cover Examination requirements at this, i.e in preparations for GCE ‘o’ Level Examination and IGCSE Accounting Examination.

“Complete with diagnostic and, where necessary, Multiple choice questions and IGCSE Accounting, Fill in the Blank, Exercises and Practices is given at the end of each topic.

“New Terminology included for easy reference”


Raya in Brunei and Beyond

Global Luxe
Makati Village, Philippines

Honouring our Heritage
Kampong Ayer

Art in Brunei
Recognising Talented Artists

INSPIRE Living Magazine Vol. 12/July 2015

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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: INSPIRE BRUNEI | Published: July 2015 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 62 | ISBN: –


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More than 200 low-calorie recipes including green masala chicken kebabs, Thai red pork & bean curry and monkfish & sweet potato curry. Collect the series for many more healthy eating ideas.

200 Light Healthy Curries

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Book Details:
Condition: New 5/5 | Language: English | Publisher: Hamlyn | Published: January 2015 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 400 | ISBN: 9780600628965


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The Maze Runner Series (Book 1 – 4)

The perfect gift for Hunger Games fans The New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series is now available as a boxed set. The Maze Runner series boxed set contains the paperback editions of James Dashner’s New York Times bestselling series. The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and the prequel, The Kill Order, are action-packed, edge-of-your-seat dystopian adventures for readers young and old. Once you’ve read one, you won’t stop until you’ve read them all. 9780385388894
Praise for the Maze Runner series: A “New York Times” Bestseller A “USA Today” Bestseller A Book Sense Bestseller An Indie Next List Selection A “Kirkus Reviews” Best Teen Book of the Year An ALA-YASLA Best Fiction for Young Adults Book An ALA-YALSA Quick Pick “[A] mysterious survival saga that passionate fans describe as a fusion of “Lord of the Flies”, “The Hunger Games”, and “Lost”.”–EW.com “Wonderful action writing–fast-paced…but smart and well observed.”–“Newsday” “[A] nail-biting must-read.”–Seventeen.com “Breathless, cinematic action.”–“Publishers Weekly” “Heart pounding to the very last moment.”–“Kirkus Reviews” “Exclamation-worthy.”–“Romantic Times” * “James Dashner’s illuminating prequel [“The Kill Order”] will thrill fans of this Maze Runner [series] and prove just as exciting for readers new to the series.”–“Shelf Awareness”, Starred “Take a deep breath before you start any James Dashner book.”–“Deseret News”


Excel in O-Level English: A Self-study Course by Philip Popescu, Kay Morgan
Penerbit Fajar Bakti, 1995 – English language – 215 pages


The Geography Skills for Upper Secondary book is designed to hone the skills of students in reading and interpreting complex geographical data. Real geographical data and information are used much as possible in this book to give students an idea of regional and international events and issues. The core skills which students will get practice in this book are: • Reading Tables • Graphing Skills • Graphics Skills • Imagery Skills • Interpreting Combination of Data Representatives Through the step-by-step approach, examples and exercises, students will be able to master the skill of interpreting different types of data representatives such as scatter graphs, triangular graphs, profiles, distribution patterns, sketch maps, topographical maps, cartoons and photographs.
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Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff, Chip, and Kipper: My Phonics Kit pack allows children to practise phonics just as they do at school. This pack includes everything you need for fun phonics practice at home leading up to this check, supporting what your child is learning in school…Practise for the phonics check: This pack includes three workbooks filled with phonics activities to practise the key skills tested in the national Year 1 phonics check. Read phonics stories: Enjoy the six carefully levelled interactive eBooks and activities on a CD-ROM. Build confidence: A colourful reward chart with stickers to help motivate your child through their phonics practice -have fun helping Floppy collect his favourite things! Information for parents: Literacy expert Laura Sharp answers your questions…What is phonics? How do I say the sounds? How can I support my child with phonics and the phonics check? Each workbook includes tips for doing the activities together, and all of the sounds are included on the CD-ROM for your reference. The Read with Biff Chip & Kipper range of phonics and first stories from Level 1 to Level 6, support this pack and allow your child to practise and consolidate their reading at home. 9780198488002


Mechanics 2 for Cambridge International A Level. Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, this series is tailored to the needs of A and AS level students of the latest 9709 syllabus. It has been developed by experienced examiners and international authors to provide comprehensive and effective preparation for this syllabus and the Cambridge exams. 9781408515617


Mechanics 1 for Cambridge International A Level Endorsed by University of Cambridge International Examinations, this series is tailored to the needs of A and AS level students of the latest 9709 syllabus. It has been developed by experienced examiners and international authors to provide comprehensive and effective preparation for this syllabus and the Cambridge exams. Full description 9781408515600


How to Land a Top-Paying Oil Well Drillers Job

For the first time, a book exists that compiles all the information candidates need to apply for their first job or a better job in the oil & gas Industry. With this book, you’ll be able to revise your application into a much stronger document, be much better prepared and a step ahead for the next opportunity. The book helps you get your career organized in a tidy, presentable fashion and also will inspire you to produce some attention-grabbing cover letters that convey your skills persuasively and attractively in your application packets. After studying it, too, you’ll be prepared for interviews, or you will be after you conducted the practice sessions where someone sits and asks you potential questions. It makes you think on your feet! This book makes a world of difference in helping you stay away from vague and long-winded answers and you will be finally able to connect with prospective employers, including the one that will actually hire you. This book successfully challenges conventional job search wisdom and doesn’t load you with useful but obvious suggestions (‘don’t forget to wear a nice suit to your interview, ‘ for example). Instead, it deliberately challenges conventional job search wisdom, and in so doing, offers radical but inspired suggestions for success. Think that ‘companies approach hiring with common sense, logic, and good business acumen and consistency?’ Think that ‘the most qualified candidate gets the job?’ Think again! Time and again it is proven that finding a job is a highly subjective business filled with innumerable variables. The triumphant jobseeker is the one who not only recognizes these inconsistencies and but also uses them to his advantage. This book is Highly recommended to any harried Oil well drillers jobseeker, whether you want to work for the government or a company. You’ll plan on using it again in your efforts to move up in the world for an even better position down the road. This book stands out because it: 1) explains how the people doing the hiring think, so that you can win them over on paper and then in your interview; 2) has an engaging, reader-friendly style; 3) explains every step of the job-hunting process – from little-known ways for finding openings to getting ahead on the job. This book covers everything. Whether you are trying to get your first Oil well drillers Job or move up in the system, get this book. 9781486127207



If you’re looking for a fast, focussed and effective way to revise for your AS or A2 exams, Revision Express is the answer. Now fully updated for the new A-levels, Revision Express covers everything you need for success in your exams. Each chapter is broken down into two-page topic sessions, packed with information, top tips and unique features to help you carefully organise your revision and gain vital extra marks. All the information is presented in short, memorable chunks for quick and simple revision and you can check your understanding and progress as you proceed with checkpoint questions. Develop and practice your exam techniques with sample exam-style questions (and answers — luckily!) and get some inside information as A-level examiners reveal the secrets to getting top grades. For just the price below you’ll have all your AS and A2 revision covered — the fast way; the easy way; the Revision Express way! 9781408206621


The Cambridge Revision Guide: GCE O Level English aims to help overseas students prepare for the English O level examination. Written by O level examiners in consultation with teachers and education officials from the target countries, it provides support for students based on a real understanding of the exams requirements. It covers the four main skills of continuous writing, directed writing, comprehension and summary writing. Students will be encouraged by its supportive tone as they work through the explanations and practice exercises. There is a wealth of examples as well as hints on a step by step approach to tackling longer writing tasks. Golden rules are highlighted to provide students with simple and memorable guidelines. A comprehensive, user-friendly guide written by a team of four senior Cambridge examiners for students studying the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) O Level and IGCSE syllabuses. 9780521644211

1. About the Author(s): R. Glover, G. Rodway, P. Shirley, H. Toner

2. New or Used: New                      3. Condition (1-5): 5/5

GCE O Level English


GCE English Language: A Study and Revision Course for O Level have been revised to reflect the content of the CIE syllabus (published in June 2004) and are endorsed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations for use with the syllabus. Clear, practical support for students studying English as a Second Language IGCSE 9780521009898

1. About the Author(s): Caroline Footman, Elizabeth A. Cripps

2. New or Used: New                      3. Condition (1-5): 5/5

GCE English Language


Physics is fascinating with Physics Matters for GCE ‘O’ Level (4th Edition). While fulfilling the latest GCE ‘O’ Level Physics syllabus of the Ministry of Education, Singapore, this textbook also engages, inspires thoughtful learning and cultivates essential 21st Century Competencies. 9789810116750
• Physics made simple yet interesting
Infographics and flow charts are employed to explain concepts and communicate information in a clear, concise manner. Fascinating pictures are used to captivate the students. Links to online animations and videos are also provided to create a dynamic visual learning support.
• Promotes learning with understanding and hones critical thinking skills
Hands-on activities and worked examples provided strengthen conceptual understanding and application skills. Links between chapters and end-of-chapter concept maps highlight interrelated concepts. With ample practice, test and data-based questions, students are challenged to think at a broader level and nurture higher-order thinking skills.
• Develops 21st Century Competencies
Diagnostic checklists for every chapter highlight flaws in students’ understanding and guide them to the relevant sections for revision. Group and online learning activities are also included to help foster independent learning, problem-solving and ICT skills.

1. About the Author(s): Dr Charles Chew, Chow Siew Foong, Dr Ho Boon Tiong

2. New or Used: New                               3. Condition (1-5): 5/5



Chemistry comes alive with Chemistry Matters for GCE ‘O’ Level (2nd edition). While fulfilling the latest Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry syllabus of the Ministry of Education, Singapore, this textbook also engages, inspires thoughtful learning and cultivates essential 21st Century Competencies. 9789810116965
• Makes concepts relevant and easy to visualise: Infographics and use of authentic contexts to present concepts and questions help to make Chemistry real, useful and interesting.
• Strengthens conceptual understanding: Hands-on activities, worked examples and concept maps help to reinforce students’ learning.
• Promotes self-evaluation and critical thinking: Test and data-based questions are provided to challenge students while diagnostic checklists help students evaluate their learning.
• Develops 21st Century Competencies: Group and online learning activities are also included to help foster important skills such as independent learning and problem-solving.

1. About the Author(s): Tan Yin Toon, Chen Ling Kwong, John Sadler, Emily Sadler

2. New or Used: New                               3. Condition (1-5): 5/5



SAP Learning Vocabulary Workbook 3 offers 700 effective vocabulary building exercises. The units cover themes that are current‚ relevant and of interest to students. The book contains six sections, where fifty exercises are meticulously divided according to different skills and specific word groups. In addition, a glossary is included at the end of the book for easy reference. Difficult words found in each exercise are defined in the glossary. The examples and exercises are designed to teach Word recognition through pictures‚ Word recognition through sentences, Vocabulary‚ Spelling skills, classifications, plurals and actions. This book Features: 1) Describing words, animals and their sounds 2) Places, synonyms and antonyms 3) Correct word use and sentence formation 4) Glossary and answers included. 9789812747419

1. About the Author(s): Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd (SAP), is a leading publishing group specializing in academic materials such as supplementary workbooks, guidebooks, textbooks, reference books, dictionaries and other educational materials. Singapore Asia Publishers Group is committed to producing educational publications worldwide and strives to achieve her vision to be the world’s educational publisher.

2. New or Used: New                                  3. Condition (1-5): 5

SAP Learning Vocabulary Workbook 2


Whether you are a legal adviser, IT supplier or IT purchaser, Drafting and Negotiating IT Contracts – 3rd Edition (formerly Drafting and Negotiating Computer Contracts) will ensure you have the edge in your negotiations. Covering a wide variety of IT contracts, each chapter provides an outline of the structure and contents of the contract, followed by sample clauses, drafting notes and key-point checklists. Uniquely, this enables you to develop a contract from scratch by focusing on key points and producing a skeleton draft before a fully worked draft. No other book brings you such a useful and practical approach. Fully updated since previous edition to include: Cloud computing; Package contracts where several products and services are sold, licensed and supplied from a single source under an umbrella or master agreement; Privacy legislation. New ISBN: 9781847667120  Previous ISBN: 9781845920241

1. About the Author(s): Paul Klinger and Rachel Burnett are well known practitioners in this field

2. New or Used: New                                     3. Condition (1-5): 5



Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology is written for students following pre-degree vocational electronic and electrical engineering courses at levels 2 and 3; foundation degree students and undergraduates. The BTEC National Engineering course has a brand new syllabus and this text is now fully updated to reflect these changes. It introduces electrical principles and technology through examples rather than theory, enabling level three students to develop a sound understanding of the principles needed for careers in electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications. Free online instructor’s manual and a solutions manual are available. 9780080890562

1. About the Author(s)John Bird, the author of over 100 textbooks on engineering and mathematical subjects, is the former Head of Applied Electronics in the Faculty of Technology at Highbury College, Portsmouth, U.K. More recently, he has combined freelance lecturing at Portsmouth University, with technical writing and Chief Examiner responsibilities for City and Guilds Telecommunication Principles and Mathematics, and examining for the International Baccalaureate Organisation. John Bird is currently a Senior Training Provider at the Royal Naval School of Marine Engineering in the Defence College of Marine and Air Engineering at H.M.S. Sultan, Gosport, Hampshire, U.K. The school, which serves the Royal Navy, is one of Europe’s largest engineering training establishments.

2. New or Used: New                    3. Condition (1-5): 5/5

Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology


This edition of the Chemistry Matters Textbook meets the requirements of the G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Chemistry syllabus specified by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It is designed for effective concept development, reinforcement and extension. 9789810164638

1. About the Author(s): Tan Yin Toon ,Chen Ling Kwong,John Sadler,Emily Clare

2. New or Used: New                    3. Condition (1-5): 5/5

Chemistry Matters: Textbook G.C.E. “O” Level


Written for the AQA GCSE Religious Studies A specification, the student book provides a focused look at ethics within Islam. Key terms reinforce learning, providing definitions of key words that students need to be familiar with. Discussion activities present questions or statements which encourage students to develop their skills of reflection, discussion and evaluation. Help students focus on what they need to know through clear learning objectives at the start of each chapter. 9781408504772


This brand new series has been written for the University of Cambridge International Examinations course for AS and A Level Mathematics (9709). This title covers the requirements of M1 and M2. The authors are experienced examiners and teachers who have written extensively at this level, so have ensured all mathematical concepts are explained using language and terminology that is appropriate for students across the world. Students are provded with clear and detailed worked examples and questions from Cambridge International past papers, so they have the opportunity for plenty of essential exam practice. Each book contains a free CD-ROM which features the unique ‘Personal Tutor’ and ‘Test Yourself’ digital resources that will help students revise and reinforce concepts away from the classroom: With Personal Tutor each student has access to audio-visual, step-by-step support through exam-style questions The Test Yourself interactive multiple choice questions identify weaknesses and point students in the right direction 9781444146486

1. About the Author(s): Roger Porkess, Sophie Goldie

2. New or Used: New                          3. Condition (1-5): 5/5


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